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Best Resources for Authors

From Tips About Book Marketing, Cover Design or Author Websites to Writing Tips. This Is a Collection of Curated Resources That Will Help Any Author Sell More Books and Stand Out From The Crowd

The number 1 issue in Self-Publishing is getting your Book discovered by new readers. Resources here range from finding the right book promotion websites to use, to understanding what actually IS marketing, to getting a glimpse into how Amazon works.

A collection of websites, articles, tools and other things that help authors publish their books easier. Technology keeps helping authors publish more and easier. Here are some of the most recommended things from the author communities for the topic.

Book Covers are the first thing people see about the book and they can multiply or hurt your marketing. This section features articles and other stuff that will help you make a more educated decision when hiring a book cover designer, help you tell better what is a good book cover and isn’t, and more.

This is a collection of websites, articles, tools and other things related to Author Websites. As with book covers, this section is mainly here to help you a better educated decision on what makes great website and how to use it effectively.

Email lists are polarizing… either authors love them or don’t get them and struggle to build them and maintain them. This is a collection of resources for building up and maintaining a great email list that helps you sell books (your own mini-BookBub!)

And underrated topic. Here is a collection of websites, articles, tools and other things related to Tax and Legal advice. From tax tips to Estate planing.

These Author Communities and Podcasts will help you learn new ideas, inspire and keep you sane in that (sometimes lonely) journey of being an Indie author.

This is a collection of websites that are watching and posting what services/Publishers/companies are crappy or even scams. Hugely important thing but many authors miss out on learning about these (some of them even look very credible). Keep an eye on these resources to stay safe!