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What is Author's Loot?

AL was created to collect best resources from around the web to help self-publishing authors. From tools or articles to books, all resources are meant to help authors with Book Marketing and all other things that indie author has to deal with daily. It is updated at least monthly with new resources and might also grow into an online magazine as time goes.

Goals for Author’s Loot

The main thing for AL is to be visited and used by 100 000 authors in 2017. Ideally, it would become a great resource for anyone who tries to stay updated on what works for book launch and the best resource for new authors just getting into Self-Publishing. It should feel like author visiting us just found a Loot of information and almost got away with a steal! Selfishly, I’d like to make this website Top 100 websites for writers on all the Internet.

Who’s behind AL

I’m a book cover designer Adrijus, from I’ve created this site to keep note of great resources I find and share with my clients and other authors. I got frustrated a bit when I noticed that authors often buy my covers but don’t know what is best to do once the book is released. Where to advertise, what websites to use etc.

This website allows me to have one place that I can refer authors to and help in more ways than just with book cover design.