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Author Communities & Podcasts

Self-publishing and writing journey can be difficult and lonely so finding good people to surround yourself will not only help you learn faster about marketing or writing but also will keep you saner, less lonely, ‘safe place’ to share your fears and doubts about it. Don’t be shy to join any of these!


20 Books to 50k – A big Facebook group and probably no.1 community at the moment in terms of information sharing and helpfulness. Hosted by Michael Anderle, who’s a very very successful (and bold author who is not scared to do things differently than ‘normal’ is) the group is first recommendation I’d give if you’re looking to join a community on your writing journey. There is a podcast of the same name too!

Kboards Writer’s Cafe – one of the biggest online forums/communities for authors and a good source of knowledge. Thousands of members sharing information and help. A good source of finding designers/formatters etc for your book as it has many of them participating in discussions and helping out. Kboards also has forums for readers so don’t just participate in Writer’s Cafe, have your books shown in your forum signature and talk to readers about books in your genres. Free marketing! – Huge social network for writers of all kinds. You can request reviews of your writing, find other writers to exchange criticism etc.

20CoversTo50k – An offshoot Facebook group from 20Booksto50k, this is a specific group for authors to receive feedback on their book covers and blurbs. No other kind of discussions, just focus on constructive criticism for these crucial elements of your book. Group has been pretty new but has already crossed 700 members in few months.

The Fastlane Forum Self-Publishing Section – A section of a big forum hosted by MJ DeMarco (author of the bestselling book ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’) that is focusing on building businesses, really good if you’re non-fiction writer because you can learn a lot about marketing your books/services/consulting. More for non-fiction writing and people who have their book as their marketing channel for generating more business. Subsection focuses on Self-Publishing, you can see some Progress Threads about how other authors’ writing is going etc.


Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast – A great podcast interviewing successful indie authors (those making full-time income at least). Hosted by Simon Whistler (audiobook narrator too), it’s weekly inspiration for every author. Lots of lessons to be learned if you go through the archives too.

Self Publishing Podcast – one of the first writer podcasts by 3 very successful authors who write 2-million words a year (Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt and David W. Wright)  and who are doing great things and innovating in Publishing. Some rambling does happen but it’s a great podcast with lots of useful advice.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast – Podcast about marketing hosted by fellow authors. One of them is Lindsay Buroker who’s doing very well as an indie author and has good knowledge to share.

Authority Pub – A good podcast more tailored to non-fiction and building Authority in your market. Most podcasts are fiction focused but this one is good for all! Do read their blog too!