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Book Cover Design Resources

Covers could be most important marketing tool for your books. It definitely makes Top 3. And the main issues with covers isn’t that authors can’t find designers (there is ton of them), it’s that authors aren’t equipped to judge what makes designer good technically, what makes or breaks a cover and how to tell what level a cover design is at. These resources will help you get more educated about these issues and overcome them.

Resources are separated in groups – books, articles, tools etc

Blogs & Articles – one of the best book design (not just book cover design) blogs in the world. It’s run by Joel Friedlander  who’s been book designer for many years and has great insights about it (and Publishing in general).

Book Cover Design Checklist – There are some things to know and prepare for ordering a book cover design. This is a checklist that you can go through any time before getting a cover design. It’s also available as a download.

Book Cover Design 101  – A good introduction article from Reedsy about how cover design process works, different kinds of covers you can order etc Worth a look if you’ve never ordered a cover before.

5 Different Ways to Brand Book Covers – And article about how authors can visually brand their book covers for series. What works and how each option looks in real life. This can be shown to any designer you pick if needed and they can do designs like that easily.

Non-Fiction Cover Design – And article analyzing non-fiction book covers and why they work. Short and to the point comments on each cover.

Tools & Templates – if you don’t want to spend a ton of time learning and formatting book interior yourself, these are great, easy-to-use templates that you can use with Microsoft Word, Adobe Page or Adobe InDesign and import your manuscript from Scrivener for example. You won’t have to design and worry if it looks good. The design is done for you. It is a big big time saver!