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Book Marketing Resources

The number 1 issue in Self-Publishing is getting your Book discovered by new readers. Resources here range from finding the right book promotion websites to use, to understanding what actually IS marketing, to getting a glimpse into how Amazon works.

Resources are separated in groups – books, articles, tools etc

Blogs – Joanna Penn is another very smart and successful indie author. She has 20+ books and has sold over 500 000 copies of Fiction and Non-Fiction books. She also has a good podcast not just written articles. – Kristine Kathryn Rusch has an incredible and very rare combination of experience as a writer – indie writer, traditionally published writer and also owner of a Publishing company. All this with many many years in the industry make her writing and advice very very good and insightful. Not many understand Publishing industry as well as her. Her Discoverability series is amazing. – Another indie author who kicks booty… he’s now written over 50 books and his blog is quite a No-B.S. resource. Not just marketing advice, lots of good tips and insights. It is not for everyone, esp. not for faint of heart…. he swears and is not afraid to criticise if it’s meant to help.

BookBub Insights – A good blog with many topics, esp. marketing from the very successful book promotion service BookBub. They’ve built an email list of millions of readers so they are not bad at marketing at all. It also features advice and tips on how to get a BB promotion and maximise it.

Social Media Just for Writers – This website has good weekly updates on new articles that are good specifically for authors. Sort of weekly industry review. Some good podcast interviews too. And there is advice about social media too (altho domain and content are not very much aligned).

Digital Pubbing – This website has few huge resource articles about tools and tips and other stuff useful to indie writers. Like this big collection of stuff about getting Book Reviews – Must read!


Book Funnels – super important and rarely talked about marketing strategy. Guys from Self-Publishing Podcast (very successful in their own right) share how creating funnels for their books has helped them be more successful and how other authors can use this strategy. Must read!

Facebook Ads: One Author’s Experience – a nice case study about how one author used Facebook Ads successfully to sell his book. It’s good for some inspiration and education(as author tried many things and share where he failed or succeeded).

Book Marketing Plan – a fantastic resource/checklist by Tim Grahl (author of book ‘Your First 1000 Copies) for your book marketing launch. This is a great thing to print out as you prepare for book launch and just check things off as you go. Customize the printable checklist by checking things you want and then print it out. Brilliant thing and his whole blog is full of other great marketing articles – 

Top 10 Trends in Publishing Every Author Needs to Know in 2017 – a great look into the trends in Publishing for what is happening today and in next 12-18 months. Must read!

Six Figure Book Promotion Strategies for Authors – a good interview with a very successful indie author Adam Houge who’s a 6-figure author. Take a cup of coffee and go through this one!

98 Ideas for Book Marketing – a nice collection of book marketing ideas from BookBub Insights blog.

Do GoodReads Giveaways Work – an interesting and, kind of weird, case study of how one author did GoodReads giveaways.. at first it doesn’t seem like they did work much but then it seems they did. So I would recommend to check it out because marketing is a lot like this, anything can work, but can look like it isn’t working for a while (esp. while you’re testing).

Best Book Marketing Advice from 2017 – a collection of some of the best book marketing articles from 2017. Jane Friedman collected them into one post and it’s a useful one! Check it out to learn about wide range of things – from selling book rights internationally to book cover redesign results to book launch help etc.



Book Promotion Sites



Overdrive – a tool/website that allows authors to distribute their books to Libraries and allow people to borrow them.

BookBub Author Profiles – if you ever ran a BookBub promotion, create an author profile for yourself there and gain followers which could lead to more sales on your promotions as BB will notify your followers personally about a new release. This link is a collection of articles from BB themselves about how to use this tool.

BookRazor – this is a tool/website which can help you get more book reviews. It’s not a magic pill, but it does work and you can get some reviews for your books. This website will find the book reviewers and get their contact info to you. Results vary of course but it’s a good resource to get reviews as even small amount of them helps!

K-Lytics – a great tool to do your Keyword research for Amazon categories. It can help you sell more books by choosing better keywords, better subgenres etc. Good review of a tool here by Joanna Penn: