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Book Publishing Resources

This is a collection of resources to help you Publish the book easier (more technical side and general mindset tips for succeeding in Self-Publishing)

Resources are separated in groups – books, articles, tools etc Most recent additions go to the top of the category.


ALLi Blog – Official blog for Alliance of Independent Authors is a great resource for all things Self-Publishing. It’s a very trusted resource and it should be known by every author (it’s located at

Author Earnings – An amazing resource showing much more read data on what authors earn in general from Self-Publishing. It’s a must read resource because it keeps track of important trends! Many new writers doubt if Self-Publishing is a good source of income or think that Traditionally published books make way more money (truth is, most don’t). These reports are worth following every month!


The Hybrid Author – Self-Publishing has opened up options for thousands of authors but many(most) still would love to get a Publishing deal from big Publisher company. BUT even getting a deal isn’t always great, the terms might be crappy and in that case, it can make more sense to propose a deal that makes author into a ‘Hybrid’ author (both Self and Traditionally published). This article is a great general overview on how two models of publishing differ and when it makes sense to be Hybrid author. A must read even if you don’t have published a book yet!

Streamlining Your Writing, Publishing, and Marketing to Become More Profitable Author – Good short read on how streamlining your efforts will help with Publishing and making more money. Written by Lindsay Buroker, this post shows good insight on and some things that many authors can miss out (like applying 80/20 Principle!).

How Do Kindle Unlimited Subscribers Behave? – Should an author join Kindle Unlimited? Is it a good thing to do or is it better to ‘go wide’? This article won’t answer these questions but will give you great overview of KU and what it is, how it’s subscribers behave etc. Apparently, KU subscribers still buy books too so it’s not like it kills sales completely.

Tools – D2D is a newer and quite loved platform (like Smashwords) for publishing your books to all Distributors (Amazon, Kobo, etc).