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Email List Building Resources

Email lists are very valuable yet still not used by all authors. While there is plenty of authors recommending to use them, many authors still doubt it and don’t do it. Even some very successful authors don’t do it. But there are way more authors succeeding because of email lists than there are authors succeeding without having them. This section features resources for learning more about building up your no. 1 weapon in marketing.

Resources are separated in groups – books, articles, tools (like email newsletter service providers, plug-ins for collecting email addresses on your website etc)


Reader Magnets – Very good and free book about building up email lists and your Author Platform! Must read book by Nick Stephenson who himself has a huge email list and is a successful Indie author. Won’t take long to read too. Don’t miss!


MailerLite – ML is an email list service provider that allows you to send newsletters and collect subscribers. While using MailChimp is currently very popular among authors, MailerLite is a better alternative. It has a free plan where you can have up to 1000 subscribers. While it’s less than MC’s (2000 subscriber limit on free plan) BUT MailerLite dwarfs it with features, mainly, Autoresponders and Auto-Re-sends. These are super useful features and you don’t need to pay for them. Also, pricing for paid plans is also better at MailerLite than on MailChimp (which is 2x more expensive!). For authors looking to have great value for money,  MailerLite is a winner!

MailChimp – Current most used option for sending author newsletters by authors. Mostly because it offers 2000 free subscribers and good, but limited features.