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Taxes & Legal Resources

Collection of resources about Taxes and Legal stuff like Copyrights, Estates etc. Don’t ignore these and protect your creations!

Resources are separated in groups – books, articles, tools etc

Blogs & Articles

Copyright and Trademarks.. How to Copyright Your Book – Kristen Joy is a great book marketing/publishing consultant with over 20 books published already. Her article is good to read if you wonder how to protect your writing and copyright your book! Good basic knowledge you need to have.

Estate Planning Series – Kristine Kathryn Rusch wrote a great series of posts on how to plan Estate. Not something that comes to mind usually but if you want to have your books read 100 years from now, it’s a must do. It also helps to take care of your family’s future!

Contracts and Dealbreakers – Another bunch of posts from K.K. Rusch, this time about Contracts in Publishing. Discusses good things and bad things, what to do and what to avoid etc. Must read whether you intend to be Indie or go for Traditional publishing.

The Tax Bill Passes – Only for US-based authors, the new tax bill from Trump passed and this article has early review of how it will affect Indie authors. The website is also useful so check more of it’s writings.